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Atharv often finds himself overwhelmed with the many things he does and further wants to do. However, he considers consistency with efficient time management to be the most imperative factor.

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Atharv at The Emissary

Empowering the world through the ambitions and ingenuity of its youngest citizens:

Discover the motivations behind the World’s First Global Mass-Media Network to be exclusively operated by teenagers:

“We initiated The Emissary after pondering over the lack of real opportunities teenagers have at their disposal. To provide them an experience of the real world and provide the world with an insight into the real them (the youngest global citizens) - we undertook the venture to blend teenagers' enthusiasm to explore and the necessity of the world to better grasp their aptitude.”

Atharv’s leadership at The Emissary

Atharv’s Priorities

A safe, prosperous, and inclusive future for all mankind is what Atharv is devoted towards. For him, collective action on the following global concerns will come to determine our shared destiny:

Leadership Team

The road to making a better world, through multifarious efforts, is not walked by Atharv alone. For him, this journey is only possible because of the cogent camaraderie of certain extraordinary and deeply dedicated individuals.

Shri. Vidarth Vyas Pradhan
Shri. Vidarth Vyas Pradhan

Vice Chairman, The Emissary

Shri. Keertidev Chandel
Shri. Keertidev Chandel

Chairman, The Board of The Emissary

Shri. Aditya Ohri
Shri. Aditya Ohri

Chief Operating Officer, The Emissary

From Atharv’s Desk

Read Atharv’s thoughts and opinions on myriad global political, strategic and economic affairs:


Shri. Dr. Digamber Singh Ji, Atharv’s maternal grandfather and the Former Minister of Health, Industries & the Chairman of Twenty Point Program – a man of illimitable charisma, an innate set of highly distinguished virtues and a grand vision for the nation and the people – his life & legacy are Atharv’s inspirations.

“Ultimately it all comes down to him. It’s all for him and because of him”


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