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Atharv Singh.

Atharv Singh is a 17 year old teen entrepreneur, writer and social activist. He is the founding Chairman of 'The Emissary' - A global mass-media network to be exclusively operated by teenagers. He raises his thoughts on critical social and global political concerns through various means and methods. A man with myriad interests, he frequently pens down his ideas and thoughts on a variety of issues.

Passionately Curious & Practically Creative

Atharv often finds himself overwhelmed with the many things he does and further wants to do. However, he considers consistency with efficient time management to be the most imperative factor.

Atharv’s Opinions

Atharv’s opinions and takes on issues that concern the greatest common challenges faced by humanity.


Global Diplomacy, Politics, Paleontology, Astronomy, Environmental Studies and History.


An avid reader, an eloquent orator, an optimistic thinker, passionate writer and patient debater.

Atharv so far

Atharv is currently pursuing the subjects of Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology and Legal Studies at Mayo College, Ajmer.

What he learned

Atharv takes out time daily for learning Japanese language, he is also fluent in German. He is currently undertaking educational courses on Artificial intelligence and technology. He frequently participates in research and experiment oriented programs globally. Atharv considers ‘financial education’ and learning a necessity and is an ardent learner for the same. Recently, he has also been learning the musical instrument Ukulele.

Major Projects

Atharv often finds himself indulged in multiple projects and ventures. Currently, ‘The Emissary’ remains his priority, however he is also carrying out a nation wide ‘Water Awareness Drive’ or ‘जल संरक्षण अभियान’ through which he is reaching out to rural children and is enlightening them on the issue. Atharv has also started off with projects in Astronomy and Paleontology out of curiosity.


Atharv’s recent works

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Meet the Comrades

Atharv’s many ventures have got him some trustworthy companions, who have struck alongside him throughout the journey.

Contact Atharv

Atharv loves to hear from teens all over the globe. You can reach out to him with your ideas and request assistance or collaborative undertakings.