About Atharv Singh

Atharv is a 17 year old grade 12 student currently pursuing his secondary education at Mayo College, Ajmer in India. A believer of consistent hard work, he has considerable accomplishments in the fields of debating, activism, journalism and writing. He is a Gold Medalist in the Queens’ Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021 and an alum of the GRIPS, National University of Singapore. His works on international relations and global affairs include ‘Africa: the excruciating suffering of the birthplace of humanity’ published in May 2021, ‘A nation at peril – The Islamic Republic of Iran and it’s extreme theocratic government’ published in October 2021 and ‘Blind ambition to pure destruction: The rise and fall of the third reich’ published January 2022 in IJSSER. Recently, he even covered the Filipino Presidential elections and Kim Jong-Un’s decade in power through his journals. A man of myriad interests, he has published research papers on Paleontology and has cleared high level tests of the IAAC (International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competitions). He is the Founder Chairman of ‘The Emissary’ – world’s first Global Mass-Media Network to be exclusively operated by teenagers. He frequently dabbles into opportunities to help those in need through various social service programs. Through his work and ideas Atharv aims to connect creative and capable teenagers from all over the globe and undertake collaborative work with them.

Atharv often finds himself overwhelmed with the many things he does and further wants to do. However, he considers consistency with efficient time management to be the most imperative factor.


Atharv’s interests lie in global and strategic affairs, politics, history and science. He passionately undertakes work at different levels and follows all these topics through various means. Often he is seen locked in abyssal conversations on these subjects with various experts and thoroughly enjoys interacting on these. Atharv also is a keen learner of Paleontology and Astronomy, he can be found reading books and watching documentaries on these in his spare time. Sometimes, he can be seen struggling with his telescope of which he is too fond.

He believes that exposure to these kinds of research oriented subjects enables an individual to discover the strength of his/her imagination and deepens curiosity which in turn enhances creativity. Therefore, he aims to take these subjects to the masses and help them discover their curious self and strength of their imagination.

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