About Atharv Singh

Atharv Singh, born 03 March 2005, is the Chairman & Founder of The Emissary Media Network.
An aficionado of international politics and global affairs, he is currently an undergraduate student at Sciences Po, Paris, Asia
– Pacific Campus, France.
Born into a family of doctors in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Atharv’s childhood took place in care of his maternal grandparents, to
whom he attributes the abilities of his imagination, values and vision. At a tender age, Atharv was engrossed into the world
of politics, its dynamism, and pivotal role in organising our society. Observing his maternal grandfather, the Late Shri. Dr.
Digamber Singh, he witnessed the striking potent of politics, policy making, government functioning, and the various
discourses revolving around them, in enabling national and global systems of human arrangement.
In the unfathomable world of knowledge, Atharv is a learner, who believes in combining his awareness of our world with a
certain set of humane virtues to allow his best self and encourage the collective abilities of the global society to be at its
best, and most meaningful version.

At age 9, Atharv joined the Mayo College, Boys Boarding School in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He graduated in April 2023, after 9
years, in which he fostered his character and academic capacity in social sciences. Atharv, embarked to create the world’s first
teen operated global mass-media network, while being a student at Mayo, in midst of his close friends.

In a world crippled with devastation, disease and depravity, Atharv’s solemn hope has been mankind’s collective aspiration to address global issues and endeavour a prosperous futures for themselves. A staunch disciple of history, Atharv recognises that in today’s globalised world, humanity is the closest to undertaking collective actions for its shared thriving. He underlines the shared origin of all mankind, all Homo Sapiens, in Africa, 300,000 years ago for this cause. He perceives social and cultural differences as a result of man’s dynamic imagination and abilities that occurred as humans walked different routes out of Africa.

Through The Emissary, Atharv ventured to gather the most foresighted, intellectual and ambitious youngsters from myriad backgrounds to provide their unvarnished perspectives and interpretations on the most consequential global challenges. The Emissary by integrating the illimitable potent of media and energy of the youngest global citizens, provides a critical insight into the acumen and thought process of future leaders and citizens. It enables the world to know of their concerns, aspirations and abilities to take on challenges of our times in diverse fields. It also empowers teenagers and other youngsters to undertake awareness based action in the larger interests of the global society. At The Emissary, Atharv now leads a team of 86 individuals from 13 countries. And the network further engages over 121,000 users with the figures only growing. For the past one year, Atharv has also been an active investor and has supported concepts and ideas that encourage sustainable development, innovation and are viablities of the future in diverse domains. Atharv relishes reading and watching different materials on Astronomy and Palaeontology. The more he delves into them, the more he experiences the threads of his imagination and cognition stretching, keeping his leisure.


Atharv’s interests lie in global and strategic affairs, politics, history and science. He passionately undertakes work at different levels and follows all these topics through various means. Often he is seen locked in abyssal conversations on these subjects with various experts and thoroughly enjoys interacting on these. Atharv also is a keen learner of Paleontology and Astronomy, he can be found reading books and watching documentaries on these in his spare time. Sometimes, he can be seen struggling with his telescope of which he is too fond.

He believes that exposure to these kinds of research oriented subjects enables an individual to discover the strength of his/her imagination and deepens curiosity which in turn enhances creativity. Therefore, he aims to take these subjects to the masses and help them discover their curious self and strength of their imagination.

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