Atharv understands the various issues and their wide ranging implications that stand in front of all humanity and he considers swift collective actions as the only solution to these issues. He comprehends the diverse thought processes and backgrounds in various spheres of life for humans all over the globe and believes that only by relating the process of building a combined and hopeful future with each and everyone could lead to its success.

He believes that unity amongst people all over the world is of utmost necessity, overriding any political, religious, economic or social cause of dissent and conflict. He understands that people need to recognise themselves as global citizens first along with the fact that all of us share this one planet and this is our only home, protecting it should be our utmost priority.

He further emphasises the need for the developed world and those well off to initiate and assist those in need to comprehend the current crisis and together take action to mitigate it. As the world is connected better today than ever before and is therefore also more interdependent today than ever before.

Hence, prosperity is multifaceted with one major requirement of masses being well aware and educated, capable of understanding every aspect and requirement for combined prosperity. Through his work Atharv hopes to incentivize the masses to take greater leaps for the sake of all humanity and to better their individual efforts towards the environmental crisis. He hopes to accomplish this together through the energy of the youth and the power of their ideas, therefore he always remains open to their suggestions and attempts to provide them with the best assistance required.

“Humanity today faces uncertainties on multiple fronts and the solution to all our problems lie in our unity. Today, more than ever we need to break all barriers and come together to collectively uncover a hopeful future for all.”

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