The Inspiration

Atharv’s maternal grandfather, the Late Shri. Dr. Digamber Singh Ji, was an Indian politician, hailing from the state of Rajasthan. Born in Bharatpur on October 1, 1951, Dr. Singh was the Health, Ayurveda, Family Welfare (2003 – 08) and later, Industries Minister (2008 – 09) of Rajasthan. A four-time legislator, he was Chairman of the Twenty Point Program (2015 – 17) Cabinet Minister, in-charge of twenty Government departments. In 2016, with the addition of four new Ministries, he engaged in the supervision of twenty-four departments of the Government. An obstetrician by profession, Dr. Singh established his private practise in Bharatpur after a decade of government service in 1990. During his tenure as a government medical practitioner, Dr. Singh was recipient of honours from the World Health Organisation (1988) and the Governments of India and Rajasthan (1989) for his research work and rural initiatives. Today, the Shree Digamber Group of Hospitals & Medical Institutions, owes its name and existence to him. Dr. Singh went to glory on the 27th of October 2017, at age 66, after a two years eight months long battle with pancreatic cancer. 

Membership of Assembly and Portfolios Held in the Cabinet:

Assembly Tenure Constituency Party
10th 1993-1998 Kumher Bharatiya Janata Party
11th 1998-2003
12th 2003-2008
13th 2008-2013

Ministerial Portfolios held in the Government of Rajasthan:

S. No Rank Portfolio Tenure
1. Cabinet Minister Medical and Health, Medical Services (ESI). 2003-2008
2. Ayurveda & Indian Medical Methods. 2003-2008
3. Family Welfare 2003-2008
4. Industry 2008-2009
5. Twenty Point Programme 2015-2017
6. Rural Development & Panchayati raj (Additional Charge) 2016-2017
7. Social justice (Additional Charge) 2016-2017
8. Law (Additional Charge) 2016-2017
9. Irrigation & Agriculture (Additional Charge) 2016-2017

For the initial seven years of his life, Atharv was nurtured by his maternal grandparents, the late Shri. Dr. Digamber Singh Ji and Smt. Asha Digamber Singh Ji. At age nine, as per the wishes of Dr. Singh, Atharv joined Mayo College in Ajmer – a prestigious boys only boarding school. Growing up in the reins of his maternal grandparents, Atharv absorbed privileged exposure to politics, bureaucracy and government functioning. Observing the conduct of his grandfather, for Atharv, righteousness, truth and integrity were innate for success in life, especially in public life. The legacy of his grandfather only strengthens his resolve towards these values and their indubitable role in upholding society. Even today, nothing inspires and enlightens Atharv more than interactions with ordinary citizens on their experience of Dr. Singh’s time and life.   

People struggle finding meaning in life. For me meaningfulness in life and my actions were extremely rich of their (his grandparents) legacies. To devoutly dedicate myself to their ideals in accomplishing the best for our society, nation and the planet. That is the purpose of this life.

– Atharv 


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