Atharv’s inspiration lies in the remembrance of his late grandfather – Dr. Digamber Singh, learnings and memories with whom he cherishes everyday. Dr. Singh was a prominent politician who served as a Cabinet Minister for imperative Ministries as Health, Ayurveda, Family Welfare, Medical Education, Indian Medical Methods, Industry and State Enterprise, he was also Chairman of the Twenty Point Programme and Four Additional Schemes.

He was an elected representative for over two decades and is widely recognised as the ‘विकास पुरुष’ of Rajasthan.

At the time of Atharv’s birth Dr. Singh was serving as Minister for Health and Family Welfare. Atharv grew up with his maternal grandparents in Jaipur, Rajasthan, his father was a Laparoscopic Surgeon in New Delhi and his mother a Gynaecologist in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Atharv grew up in a political atmosphere and witnessed the work and influence of his grandfather at quite a young age. He used to attend various political and social meetings along with Dr. Singh, and used to replicate his doings. Atharv’s first friends were Dr. Singh’s staff members and he enjoyed playing games with them as sitting in Dr. Singh’s office and signing documents, talking on the hotline phones, asking people for their troubles and was always passionate to grab the mic.

“Following in his footprints requires resolve, resilience and courage but it is the most beautiful and satisfying course to take” 

— Atharv Singh

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