The Youth Leader

The The Youth Leader

Leading with a commitment to the Planet & a resolve for our shared Future 

Atharv’s belief in people and their extraordinary abilities to accomplish inconceivable feats, propel him to lead with confidence and a boundless sense of possibilities. 

What further motivates Atharv is the sheer prowess of the collective capacities of global citizens to not only face our greatest common challenges – But carve a triumphant path through – towards a peaceful, prosperous & progressive world.

His motivations are also underpinned by the prevailing global circumstances, encompassing a variety of severe threats, that are an ignominy to our society and a blot on mankind’s long journey from our shared roots in Africa.

“People around the world need to recognise our shared origin from Africa. Our ancestors started there and then took divergent paths across the planet – each fostering a unique culture, tradition and heritage – together that is our shared diversity. However, what must remain supreme, is our unity through the acknowledgment of a shared origin. Our distinctive social and ideological practices are secondary and are our shared diversity.”

– Quote 

The Emissary – the World’s First teen-operated global Mass-Media Network.

A pioneering global movement that seeks to integrate teenagers’ wide-ranging capacities and mass-media’s fathomless influence towards uncovering a peaceful and progressive world through an aware and awe-inspiring global citizenry. 

In his early teen years, Atharv, a passionate debater, grooved into the realms of politics, engaged in multiple Model United Nations Conferences and related events. Deliberating global strategic, political and economic issues, he discovered through these events, the stellar acumen and eloquence of his peers. 

While he appreciated the awareness being generated by such events in the younger generation – Atharv remained unconvinced of a tangible impact being outsourced, even in the longer term. He found them uninspiring with the sole purpose for anyone’s participation being limited to a certificate. “Okay so the Himalayan ice caps are melting, refugees are being mistreated in the middle-east, people in the Horn of Africa are emaciated – so we good people gather in a conference room, debate over hours, guzzle down refreshments, collect our certificates and then we are done – crisis averted. This is deplorable ignorance.”

At The Emissary, not only do teens discuss and represent issues that will determine humanity’s destiny, but also follow them up through concrete efforts aimed towards generating tangible impacts. In Atharv’s words, “Our accomplishment is not a certificate but the person in Somalia who gets her/his meal because of our campaign, the student in Bangladesh who explores technology through the IT centre we set up and the many more who relish the fruits of our efforts”

The Emissary, as a mass-media network, enables a conjunction that will help us secure a prosperous global order. A teen-run mass-media network, it enlightens and empowers the youngest global citizens to be at the forefront and act on the most consequential issues of our times. A media network that is the sheer representation of the works and thoughts of the youngest global citizens, it provides an imperative insight, to the world, into the striking capacities and interpretations of its younger generations and future leaders. 

At the nexus of The Emissary Media Network is an aspiration of readying a global citizenry that is UNITED in its commitment to collectively combat humanity’s common challenges. And so unwavering is this Unity that together mankind is able to realise its inconceivably profound potential and relish the beauty of our existence and that of our blue marble – the planet Earth. 

“जल संरक्षण अिभयान” or Water Preservation Drive

Climate Change and Environmental Degradation are perhaps the largest threats ever to humanity. To get through the greatest global threat, Atharv advocates for the largest united global front. He considers each and every person a stakeholder, with a role to play, in the climate change mitigation processes. At the same time, it is lack of awareness, ignorance and negligence that Atharv considers as the greatest impediment to global unity on Climate Change. Taking action towards this challenge, and with a motive of disseminating information pertinent to climate change and global warming in Rural India, a population of over 910 million people, Atharv launched the “जल संरक्षण अिभयान” in January 2022. 

The “जल संरक्षण अिभयान” aims to make India, self-sufficient in pure water consumption, by the means of preservation, efficient usage and widespread awareness. The program aspires to channel the potential of the rural youth towards the mitigation of water-related issues in the nation. It also promulgates traditional knowledge, concepts and practices, particular to Indian history and heritage, on water’s vitality, significance and relevant treatment. 

Although still in its infancy, the program has a volunteer base of 200+ youth from over 36 villages in 4 states. The program has been successful in empowering young rural citizens to identify water-related issues in their locality, hold consultations with concerned authorities and decide on a comprehensive strategy of mitigation or preservation. In the process, the program has generated ample region-focused information, in order to increase awareness and stimulate collective action.   

As the “जल संरक्षण अिभयान” reaches newer regions and touches the lives of more people, our hunt for individuals sharing the vision and determined to put in the necessary efforts, only grows. 


Wish to join “जल संरक्षण अिभयान”? – Register here. 

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